Friday, June 29, 2007

Find a Date Online

Before I got married I spent a lot of time online chatting with friends.

And being a late night owl, I often find myself alone online while my friends slept. So I joined sites where I can chat with people all over the world. Having said that, I did 'meet' a few guys where we really clicked, and we became good friends eventually. Having said that, I did meet my husband online, and therefore I am pro online dating sites.

FriendFinder is such a site where you can seek friendship, dates, perhaps a happy ever after ending, who knows. That special someone may be just there waiting for you. A chance, an opportunity, fate. It is funny how feeling works, you may find some comments repulsive, but sometimes you just know it if another comment attracts you. As for me, my hubby didn't quite make a good first impression, but I got used to his dry humour soon after.

We were thousands of miles apart, but eventually I took the first daring step at his offer to fly me over to Hong Kong for a visit. Now girls, be cautious, don't everyone act like me, but my instincts told me I could be safe with him, and I was glad that my instincts was spot on. And a year later, two less lonely people in the world.

What I like about is that it's really simple to understand and user-friendly, straight to the point and you can join and post an ad and your photos for free!

So, singles out there, do not waste another minute being lonely. Join up, you've got nothing to lose but at least one friend to gain, or perhaps more.


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Been experiencing PPP opps drought lately..LOL...

Sweetpea said...

yeah i know! hardly any opps! this one was pure luck!