Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cheap sale shopping!

Went to Target today and bought a good few T shirts for Aidan and 2 cute little swimming pants! Couldn't help spending some hard earned money but hey, it's SALE! The magic word for all womenkind!
Called Mum and she was ecstatic when she heard Aidan calling her Por Por! He's mimicking a lot, funny words like 'Ah Kiu' (thank you) 'Ah Kui' (ice cream) 'Ha way!' (hooray) 'Meek meek' (milk milk) and all the characters of Boohbah 'Mamamama' (grandmama) 'Ahpahpah' (grandpapa) 'Ihdi' (mrs. lady) 'Ahman' ( 'Ahta' (brother and sister) 'Ahti' (aunty) and lastly 'Yayayay Doe!' (little dog Fido) !! Well, at least he remembers it in sequence, exactly the way they introduce the 'family'.
He just jumped on my bed again to gain access to my makeups! Always drawing his face with my eyebrow pencil.

As you can see from 1st pic, he's got pencil marks on his face, and playing with his dad's marble balls (hey, don't get dirty!). Later he had ice cream, and not having enough of it, he pulled me into the kitchen wanting to get another one! I sidetracked him to the backyard and there he is, loving his favourite.... WATER!! Then spent another half hour in the bath tub, didn't turn into a prune though.

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