Thursday, January 26, 2006

CNY deco

Just thought I wanted to show you my CNY deco. On normal days it will be only the vase (a wedding gift from Wilkin's cousin Joe by Salt & Pepper) with the forever 3 roses (sales from Lincraft bought by Daphne, my sis) there. And maybe an fragrant oil burner with the occasional pair of glasses I will leave there when I take my bath. To the right of this 'mantelpiece' is the toilet, of which the next room will be Aidan's. To the right, it's the bathroom, and after that the kitchen.

We had a nicer display for Christmas but now too late lar, maybe will show you end of this year.

We went to Matthew Flinders, which is a motel plus Tab (a place for betting horses and playing pokies at another section of this motel) and had lunch at the playland. Aidan and his mate Artan was playing where while Bic, Artan's mum was telling me how to invest. Very interested, only if I have lots of money to do that!

Aidan is driving on a race car in this pic.

Psst, by the way, I've finished half the container of the peanut cookies. It's yummy. Also I've put some coins into the red packets as adviced! Wonder what's the reason behind it, whether it's good luck or just as paper weights. Anyway, if it's for good luck, should put notes, hor??

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