Thursday, February 02, 2006

Baby girl

In continuing yesterday's event, Aidan was playing happily outdoors when I went to pick him up at 12noon. The carer told me they went outdoor earlier because of him as they knew he loves it. Aawww... have to make some cookies for them next week.

It's rainy today and there isn't anywhere that we can go, but just to pop by the supermarket to get a roast for tonight.

Am excited about visiting Sue tomorrow, she gave birth to a baby girl on 27th last week. I told her that Kaya (her daughter's name) missed the chance of being a little puppy as she is one week early, and caught the rooster's tail. Will take pics! And the amazing thing is, Kaya is her first born and she went through labour *Snap fingers* just like that! 4 hours of labour, hardly any extreme pain and Chris, her husband commented, 'You sure you are in labour? Doesn't look like that at all on TV.' And the little princess is born at around 3am.

I AM SO JEALOUS! And Chris sms-ed everyone he knew at 5am, emailing us a photo 3 days later. She looks just like him, no wonder she's daddy's little girl.

I've already shopped for a gift yesterday when I had 2 hours alone. Can't wait to hold a little baby again.. Err, I don't think I am getting clucky.......... I hope not. Well, maybe not right now..

Duh, let's get off the subject. Going to make some lunch now. Till then..

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