Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Getting there.....

Today is second time Aidan is attending Cabena Care.

When we got there, he was quiet. On the way in, he was still quiet.... good sign. At least he wasn't wailing. When we got in, he held on to my hands, STILL QUIET. Amazing!

He started walking around and took interest in painting. I sensed that he wanted to play, he was very interested to play there, but he wanted me with him as well. The moment I handed him over to Paola, the carer, and said Mummy has to go to 'work' and bubye... he started screaming!

The pained look on his face tore at my heart again, but I had to walk out. I was better than last week, I knew that he will have a good time later as today was a good sunny and cool day, so they will be playing outdoors. And Aidan loves the outdoors.

I went particularly nowhere today, the nearest being Chadstone, so I walked around, managed to spend some money at Giordano, got a pair of jeans (and free alteration too) and buy the 2nd pair for only $5 !! And I got a second pair of 3/4 pants... nice.... won't disclose the full amount spent here :P

Got some grocery for tonight (tuna and mushroom pasta) and headed back to Cabena. They were all at the back playground and I talked to Paola as she came in with another child. She said Aidan was very very good today. YEAY!! Said he cried for the first few minutes but settled down later, and even ate his morning tea! (Nutri-grain bar and apple juice). Another Amazing!

He was happily jumping on the trampoline when I went to get him, and he ran to me smiling and happy when he saw me. I feel so happy for him, but not for the dried slimes around his face and ear!! (He is currently having a runny nose) Didn't allow anyone to touch his face, not allowing Lesley (leader carer) to apply sunscreen too.

Brought him for a wee and boy, was it a big wee!! He must have held on to it for quite a while.

Proud mum showing off son's painting..

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