Thursday, February 09, 2006

Har Mee

Today's agenda is to go to Ti Li's.

See, Wilkin goes to work late on Thursdays right? This morning Aidan started calling out for me at 7.30am. 7.30! I don't get up at 7.30am!

For those of you who thinks I am so lucky, it's not the case. I work 4 nights a week till 12mn and by the time I put my feet up, it's usually around 1am. And that was how he got into this pattern of sleep, waking up a little later just so his mummy can get more beauty sleep. AAwwww...

Anyway, back to the main story, was that I was thinking why Wilkin came into the room to look at me, twice. He came back from gym, got Aidan out from bed, gave him his milk, blablabla, usual morning routine. Then I asked him what was the time, and he said nearly 10am.

WHAT??!!! I literally jumped out of bed and stared at the clock! It said 8.30am. Thennnn... I remembered, Aidan played with it the evening before... D'OH!!

All was chaos after that, but managed a cup of coffee at least. I promised Ti Li I would be at her place tennish, and it was raining hard today. The freeway was wet and difficult to see, and got there spot on at 11.00am.

Florence (Ti Li's mum and my high school teacher) made us har mee!! YUM YUM! And after that we even had fried 'lin gou' from CNY. Wow! That was great! Everytime I go to Ti Li's house, better still, if Florence is there (she lives a few blocks away) I get to eat great Malaysian food. I know! How good is that, right??

And yeap, the pic above, that's Ti Li's kids new puppy, Misty. She's so overly excited to see us, she couldn't stop scratching the slide door wanting to come in. The last time we were there, she climbed on Aidan and he got scared after that. He kept away from her today. Tall right? She's just a couple of months old. Wait till she's full grown and I'll paste a pic up here for you to see. She's so much taller than Aidan when she's on only 2 legs.

Okay, me gotta go now and play with bubbaroo :P

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