Friday, February 03, 2006

Playgroup starts

Aidan's playgroup starts for the first day this term. And it's going to be a short term, six weeks in fact, as there will be the auspicious Commonwealth Game marching up.

It's just play, craft, snack and story time. The co-ordinator Margaret who is from Sibu, just got back on Tuesday and she said she got the plastic fireworks back just to show her kids how it actually looks like.

After the session, I dropped by at Coles supermarket to get some milk and especially the sippy cup, as Wilkin was complaining the straw is dirty. This is the 3rd time am buying it. It's because Aidan drinks fruit juices and Ribena in it, although I wash it straightaway, the stain will be there.

Anyway, this particular store has some staff attitude problem. I took the cup from the shelf and when I paid for it I asked for the straw, as I've seen in another store that there is a note saying it's kept at the front counter to avoid thefts. Fair enough. This cashier was like, Duh, it doesn't come with one. I said, well, this is the 3rd time I am buying the cup so I know, and she proceeded to ask the service counter.

This asian girl was worse. She did go a take a look and came back only to ask me where I saw the note. I said in another store. And she told me, well, they may have the straws in another store (by the way, it's a chain store, so it should operate the same way, not to mention that they are selling the SAME product), but we don't have it here. ???!!! HELLO???!!!!

Why bother selling something which isn't complete? How do u expect the baby/toddler to drink without a straw, when the cup is specifically made to have one?? She just said Oh, sorry about that, and that was it! Whatever happened to good customer relation skill? I wasn't even starting to become hostile.

Came home and wrote a complain to the store. Hehe, this is the second complain to the same store. Ya yah, I have too much time on hand...

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