Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Not a very good day.

Yesterday was Labour Day, so Wilkin had the day off and we went for brunch, when I noticed there were 2 red bites on Aidan's left leg. And I thought, when on earth was there mosquitos flying around us, or any bugs for that matter. Very visible as Aidan is very fair.

Went on about the day, and I went to work in the evening.

Came home, took a peek at Aidan, and to my dismay and horror, it was as if his right hand has been swarmped by dozens of bugs! Take a look at the pic, you can easily see 6 there. Three in a row, not to mention the ones can't be seen here. Plus few here and there on the legs. And he fell down today, AGAIN, hence makes his legs looks a lot worse.

I stripped his cot bare, and dumped all sheets and blankets into a very hot wash. Will repeat the sunning of the mattress again later.

I feel that I failed in protecting him from harm.

I'd better go check on him now again.

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peng said...

hey friend don't feel bad.