Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Aidan poo-ed his pants! AGAIN!

Sent Aidan to Cabena and I went off to Chaddy. Wilkin with Pamela and dad in law went to Vic Mart to get one whole salmon to make sashimi for dinner and a dozen of oysters. YYumm...

I came home early from Chaddy, so I was all alone at home, which was a good break. Made some soup and honey joy, did a little of this and that.

Went to pick Aidan up, checked his bag, his spare clothes still in there. Good, I thought, no 'accidents' today. Went out to the back to see him running up to me, smiling, I was happy to see him happy. Today they made easter basket and had a chocolate egg in it. I then noticed something not quite right, there were stain on his backside. So there was an accident. Nevermind, I thought again, just change lor.

When we went to the toilet and I pulled his pants down, OMG!! He soiled his pants throughout and even dried down his legs! It was disgusting, really. I had to clean him up and started scolding him. He only does that at the care, don't know why. Had to rush home and give him a thorough bath too. Sigh, have to work on this.

Noon, when he was asleep, Pamela and I went to Chaddy for a little walk. She bought Aidan a Barney plushie, at $10 cheaper. I said not to, but she insisted. When she showed it to Aidan after we got home, he shyly said 'Barney' and was so so happy. It's his fave toy at the moment.

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