Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back to Normal

Say only back to normal, but we didn't go to 'school' today. Aidan still has the fever and I booked him in to see his doctor at 11am.

Of of those painters knocked at my door and told me to leave my door open. I said I will have to go out and he didn't seem pleased. Wahlau! You didn't tell me you were going to come in to paint and you expect me to drop everything for you to do your work?!' That said, I was also afraid they might do a shit job if I don't comply.

I had to get Rhonda's (neighbour) help for her to house-sit for 1/2 hour. I told her Cameron, her grand-daughter, can trash my place.

Aidan was fine, according to the doc, only his inner left ear is a little pink, not inflamed, but have to keep an eye. No need for antibiotics, which is good.

So like this lor, my whole day, house-bound and can't do much. Can't even sleep with 2 strangers in the house! They left at 3pm, said they'll come back tomorrow to do the other half, and I made up my mind not to clean up the mess till they finished. BUT I CAN'T! And so I took out the vacuum and Exit Mould and Windex and started my taichi movements. Since they left they ladders here I might as well make use of them and climb the highest to clean the outside of the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and Aidan's room's windows, which all didn't have proper cleaning since we moved in. Now am satisfied. But my hands suffered, very dry now :(

Aidan slept for 4 hours today for his nap. I tried waking him up at 4, gave him his bottle, which he finished, and went straight back to sleep. I let him be today, but had to wake him up at 6. Then his right nose bled. Sigh, one thing after another. Had to say I didn't really panic this time, maybe I had the reassurance from the doc saying it's normal unless very frequent, which is not.

Right, had the balance of the meat from Saturday's BBQ and clear off the fridge. Took an early bath, fell asleep while watching CSI. Amazing I can still blog.

Gotta really go sleep now.

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