Saturday, April 08, 2006

Barney Live Show

Today we all had different agendas.

Wilkin has 'school' and so dad in law brought Pamela to the casino and Boxhill for souvenir shopping.

Aidan and myself went to the Barney Show at Caulfield Town Hall. He didn't want to go in at first, as there was only this girl in bright yellow raincoat entertaining. We found a place to sit, lots of seats actually, as most kids will be right at the front jumping and dancing. Aidan was reluctant to stay, UNTIL Barney was introduced. He lit up immediately and enjoyed 'If you're happy and you know it' so much, and after Baby Bop and BJ made their appearances, he was jumping non-stop.

There was a souvenir counter with plush toys and colouring books, T-shirts and hats, but everything was so expensive. The plush toy is $40 each. I wanted so much to get him Barney, but at last I didn't as I though, $40 isn't worth it.

Anyway, our evening agenda was to go over to Ching's and we had dinner at the same place as last week. Then we all went back to Ching's place to chat and drink. Had a few bottles of red, I was high, well, tipsy maybe, and the feeling was good. Pamela had a little more than I do, by the time we came home, she puked twice, poor girl.

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