Saturday, April 15, 2006

Botanical Gardens and Remembrance Shrine

Ok lar, not everyday got photos alright? Got also not really nice one, so I don't upload lar.

Today we went to the shrine and to the Botanical Gardens just for a short walk. Also, HAPPY EASTER!!!

It's Good Friday today, and all shopping centres are closed. So no shopping centres to go to.

Tonight we had dinner at Dragon Boat in the city together with Wilkin's cousin Karen and her husband from Hong Kong. They are here for the easter holiday and staying at The Crown. Wife gambles a bit while husband did that and golfing too. Such a short trip.

Aidan was shy and stubborn at the same time when he met them, but when Karen's husband made some funny gestures, he couldn't stop laughing and from that point he was the centre of attraction for the whole night.

It's darn darn cold and windy tonight. BBBRRRRRRRRR........

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