Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nothing Much Ado

Nothing much today. Wilkin went for his course and Aidan and myself didn't really go anywhere.

At night didn't plan to go to Ching's place as we are flat from going out past 2 weeks. So just went out for dinner with dad in law and Bessie at Springvale, had Shanghai food. Bessie handed over to us 2 dvds of CRASH by Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser, movie about multi-racial issues. Nice one, and also CRY WOLF, something like Halloween, teen flick.

That's all lor, am boring I know. Saturday night now means staying home or someone else' home and chat, no more Yahoo or Time Zone... kakakkakkaaaa, or out till 4am.


Peng said...

yahoo and time zone no longer exist lor change name liao

sweetpea said...

i know ler, but that was our time mar