Sunday, April 09, 2006

River Cruise and Thai Fest

Went to the city today and enjoyed one hour ride on the little boat down the river alongside the parks and gardens, beautiful view, although I quite prefer the upriver more, which is towards the city area with casinos and buildings, more things to see.

Weather was pleasant, but a little chilly if you're out in the open air.

Our boat stopped right behind the Federation Square, where the Thai Fest was being held. So we wandered along and bought some food coupons, $6 each for meal, for lunch. I loved my Thai Salad rice. Just thinking of it now makes my mouth goes all watery! Darn hot with all those cili padi, but coudn't stop eating.

Me had to work in the evening. Wilkin with Pamela and Aidan went back to my dad in law's for dinner.

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