Friday, April 21, 2006

Speech pathologist

We went to see Catherine today. She noticed that Aidan isn't very good at listening and making eye contact. Although she thinks his hearing is just fine, she suggested a hearing test, which I've already booked for one. And since it's bulk-billed (free) we have to wait till June.

Have to rush home to open up the doors for the painters (Yes! Again!) Lucky for me, today is the 'finishing touch' day. And lots of dust...

I then noticed huge red welts on Aidan's legs and arms, and gave him some Phenergan. Subsided much later and didn't give him any bath today.

We had spag bolognaise for dinner, didn't bother making any elaborate ones. As it is, too much work cleaning up.

Later at night when I put Aidan to bed, I switched on the heater to heat up the room initially, but when I checked on him later, the welts returned. Must be from the heat, poor dear.

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