Thursday, May 04, 2006

3rd session at Cate's

Today is the 3rd session at the speech pathologist.

And today, Aidan didn't seem to be with us, wasn't paying attention and grinding his teeth. Cate noticed that he echoes after what we say sometimes, and mentioned something about echolalia. I didn't know what that meant, but made sure I'll google this when I got home.

Went to Chaddy, got a little bread and milk and pre-marinated tandoori chicken for tonight. Am not cooking again. Just pop the chook into the oven and that's it. Other than just stir frying the mushrooms. Aidan got his ice-cream fix at Wendy's, all over his top and pants when we got home. Well, can't blame him can I? Expected that to happen when you let a 2 1/2 year old handle his own ice-cream.

Echolalia usually happens in children in autism, when I read that I was a little worried. But then again, lots of toddlers do this as a learning phase. I was thinking of cancelling the paedatrician next two weeks, but what the heck, might as well go for it once and for all.

Can't stand the house being dusty for the past few days but didn't manage to vacuum, so today was clean up time.

I have a pic of Aidan sleeping like an angel this afternoon, but am 1/2 superstitious about taking pic of someone sleeping, like snapping the soul away or so I heard. I only showed it to Jackie, just wanted to show her what Aidan was doing right that moment. So yeah, I won't be loading this pic up here.

Later in the evening, he heard Jackie on Yahoo messenger, and since then he was like non-stop saying 'Che Jatty' (Aunty Jackie) it nearly drove me nuts. Hey Wye Peng, tried calling you, hope you got our voice mail :) BTW, Wilkin said he will look into the mic thing when he gets the time.

Watched Amazing Race and American Dad. Am sure it's not in Malaysia, it's adult cartoon and funny.

Wokey, gotta go play some games now to wind down before I sleep ...

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