Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The weekend was pretty much uneventful from lunching with dad in law, to not knowing what to eat for dinner.

I went for my lazy body toning session in the morning and Wilkin brought Aidan to the park. So I guess that was the highlight of the day for Aidan.

We eventually ordered pizza for dinner, and rented 2 dvds, one which I've watched that same night, and the other maybe on coming Thursday night, when there's nothing nice on tv.

We didn't go to the mobile phone shop as we're scouting around Ebay, as well as asking a friend to get a quote.

Aidan must have jumped on my bed last evening when I was at worked and diddled with my alarm clock. This morning I was feeling blissfully sleepy and while I was half awake, I was waiting for the alarm to go off and get ready for Aidan's day at Cabena.

It's funny how when I was half asleep, I dreamt that 2 friends were in my room (one who was a total stranger to me, yet like we were friends forever. I just remembered she had thick hair - *psst, shows my self-consciousness about my fine hair) and the other I can't remember now. And this friend with thick hair said something like, wow, you can sleep in till so late, so lucky for a mum. And I replied, nah, the alarm will go off any minute.

I woke up feeling strange, like it couldn't be very late, as there was no sound at all from Aidan's room. I blindly tapped around for my clock, which was out of reach. It was in the middle of the table, so I had to get up and look at it. It showed 3.15. Whether it was am or pm, still not fazed, I thought to myself hmm.. Aidan must have played with it last night.

Then I reached for my watch..... 9.20am !!! WTF !!!

Jumped out of bed like a shrimp in hot wok, made Aidan's milk and was prepared to wag my finger at him. It's amazing he didn't make a single noise. He looked at me and said 'All wet' and I guessed he must have been playing with his saliva again and wet his pillow. Got another shock when I saw large bloody patches on it.

Gosh, what a great day it will be today.

Cleaned his nose up, gave him his milk and got him ready in jiffy time and we bolted out the door. I had to cancel my toning class as I was running late. But glad that I could go to Chaddy and have my waffles with strawberries and maple syrup/whipped cream and a latte to relax to. Then shopped for ribbons and trinkets for Leigh's housewarming present and Wilkin's colleague's wedding present.

So, back to normal timing now.

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