Thursday, July 27, 2006

New vase

Bought a new vase just now and thought it will add a little colour to my 'showcase'. I can always take away some pebbles and put a stem of orchid submerged in water, like this flower I found on the ground in my neighbour's garden, hehe. Or get some scented floating candles for a change. Brilliant idea?? I thought so.

Before I go on showing the full piece, not that there's much, it's only the usualy 3 stems of roses and a burner, last night at work was funny.

Quite a few funny cases happened. One there is this guy who came in and asked for advice from the pharmacist about his girlfriend who swallowed 5 sleeping pills. Apparently she did it before, and right then, she was just feeling sleepy but still able to talk and refused to go to the hospital. Nermin, our pharmacist, called the drug info centre, just to cover her own butt in case there is a fatality. Some people think chemists are free info centre as well as a convenience store, in terms of, not having to wait at the hospital for hours (clinics are mostly closed by 9-10pm) and do not have to pay to get the advice.

They fail to realize that pharmacists and doctors are not the same.

Anyway, another case, a woman came in quite late and bought some vaginal pessaries for thrush treatment. She went home and gave it to her 17 year old daughter, who SWALLOWED it! She called up and said we gave the wrong medication to her. Michelle, who sold her the item, did specifically say to 'insert' and there is also a cream to be applied externally. Woman said it was late, her mind wasn't really 'working' and she just got back from interstate. Well, that wasn't our problem, was it?

So Nermin reassured her nothing bad is going to happen and sent me on my way to deliver the capsules which is to be taken orally, free of charge. And I got to get home half and hour earlier. Not bad...

But, the daughter is 17. Doesn't she know how to read? Dyslexic or what?? Sigh... Some of them here are just rich and dumb, so not fair..

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