Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pretty weeds

Couldn't resist taking this pic. How can weeds be so pretty?

I went to work as usual on Sunday evening, but barely there for half an hour, Wilkin called. For him to call me at my work is nothing good. Turned out to be asking me for numbers of clinics that are open on weekend evenings (not a lot). Apparently Aidan suffered a tummy ache suddenly and cried heaps, so Wilkin panicked.

Got one medical centre which opens till 8pm. He waited for Bessie to get to our place and go together, whatever for I don't know. And since it was Aidan's first time in that clinic, there was an 'initial fee'. Nothing was given to him, the doc checked everything and Aidan was given the clear sign, except for the cold, from me obviously, and the bill came up to be a whopping $81.65!!! I bet Wilkin must have pinched himself hard.

Lucky for him, I went to Medicare today, and apart from the initial fee of $40.00, the balance was fully claimable. Well, at least something.

Today, Aidan went to Cabena as usual, and I am too lazy to think of what to cook. Beef stew! Kautim.

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