Thursday, August 31, 2006

Typical housewife job

It's Thursday and we have nowhere particular to go.

Weather was great so I did another load of laundry, as I have dug out Aidan's clothings for Spring/Summer season. Lucky I found loads of new ones from his God-Grandma when she visited two years back. I kind of totally forgot about it, and saved me heaps of money for a whole new wardrobe.

You may think it's fun dressing for the seasons, but frankly, if I forgot something for this year, he won't be able to wear it next year. Plus finding space to keep the old ones, which aren't that old at all as they are only worn for a few months to half a year, is a task. He won't be able to wear them next year, and I don't want to give them away either. They are still all so 'new' and nice. The thick winter wears are especially a nuisance, as they take up much space.

Went to Chaddy to get a present for Alexander, Aidan's friend, for a party next Sunday. Walked around, got a blouse for myself :) Clearance sale lar. And a berry'licous smoothie for Aidan. He saw this boy running around the store and he started doing the same. I had to chase him up and down the aisles. Wondering how on earth am I going to shop at the pasar malam when I am back in Ipoh. Got to the supermarket and got a whole chicken to be roasted for dinner.

After having lunch at home, I did my wifely job, vacuuming the whole house and for this small unit, it took me more than an hour. Toughest job is the carpets. Next wishlist, new vacuum cleaner with super power suction. Aidan kept taking the toys out and riding his bikes round and round. Slowed down my work too.

By the time I finished it was his nap time. Later I logged on and found that I have no one to chat to, by the way, Happy MERDEKA DAY!

So I cleaned up my own cupboard this time, intending to really give away some although 'sayang' to do so, resulting in a big bag load of newer clothes, some hardly worn, some never. Got a top from MNG, another from Garfunkle, years ago, brand new, but something I know I will never wear. Gave those to Wilkin to see if they can sell on Ebay.

Now my cupboard is in tip top condition, ready for new ones. Muahhahahaa.

Today is the first ever day that we wore short sleeve T-shirts in months to go out to the backyard. Weather has just been beautiful these couple of days. Aidan had fun watering the flowers while I did some weeding.

If weather is like this the whole year round (19 - 25C) life will be just perfect here.

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