Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wilkin's second cake

From me to him. But frankly, I personally prefer the cheesecake Bessie got for him :P

We, as in family, with dad in law and Bessie, and Wilkin's uncle's family, all went out for a chinese dinner to celebrate father's day. The food was great, much better than buffet last week. Wilkin's little cousin sister (2 1/2 year old) Anissa kept Aidan company. They did some funny things, but the one I remember most was that Aidan kept running to her chair, asking for high-5 hand slaps. She really looked as if she was entertaining him, and after a while, she pushed him away pointing to his chair. When her mum asked her why, she said in cantonese that she wanted to eat. That was so funny. Obviously Aidan was distracting her.

We all got home, minus the uncle's family and grandpa, and Ching came for a visit with Jess and Ramon. Aidan was so happy to see Ramon, but he did ask for Hannah. She and Miguel stayed home. Anyway, I brought the cake out and when he caught sight of that, he immediately went to switch off the lights. How clever!! He anticipated the candles, and was SO SO excited that when we sang the birthday song, he was already shouting 'Hooway, hooway, hooway!' He was so cute and funny. And of course, he blew the candle. Right after that, he got up to switch on the lights again, without us telling him to do so. What a boy.

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