Saturday, September 09, 2006

Aidan wanna go home

We had dinner with Ching and family tonight and as usual, back to his place to lepak. I made some 'tong sui' over to finish off the frozen 'tong yuen' sitting in their freezer for the past month! If I don't do it, those 'tong yuen' might still be sitting in there till Chinese New Year lah!

On the way there, Wilkin made a turn, and my vacuum pot toppled sideways, causing a spill. Now whole car smell of pandan. Nevermind, dirty seat liao, buy new car. Harharhar!! Wishful thinking. Still religiously buying Tattslotto, my dear hubby. You win 8 million this weekend, we make baby rightohway!

Back to the house, additional kid member Charlotte. You can say he has been 'terrorised' by her. He was sitting down with Miguel in front of the TV supposedly playing video games, and Charlotte came by to press him lips together, making a Donald Duck impression. My son also blur blur let her do that. After some time, I was just posing a silly question to him, 'Aidan, do you want to go home?' And he got up, and said 'Home' !!! ????? !!!!! Hhaaahh?? Am I hearing right?

First ever time, he wanted to go home, as in not because he was sleepy or anything. He even pulled his Elmo backpack along. Geee, he really wanted to get out of that place, and we joked about him being bullied by a barely 2 year old girl. I really hope that wasn't the case.

Didn't get to watch Napoleon Dynamite the other night, so I watched it tonight and also Birth starring Nicole Kidman. Napoleon was hilarious, Birth was non-sensical.

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