Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Family Birthday Celebration

A busy day for me today.

Woke up with a bad start, because I snapped and smacked Aidan today. Over breakfast.

He got me all worked up and upset for not eating up his breakfast. I know he doesn't quite like oatmeal, but if that is the only fibre I can get into him, apart from baked beans and fruit purees, I will do it. I think I better explain too, that he doesn't eat fresh fruits, except bananas, which is a luxury fruit now, after the Hurricane Katrina which wiped out the banana plantations. It costs as much as $17.99 per kilo, equivalent to about AUD$2 per banana.

Everytime when I whip one out at playgroup, some mums will make some comments , and that makes me feel guilty when a child occasionally also asks for one from his/her mum, and she can't produce it then.

ANYWAY, yeap, smacked him, and he was in between sobbing and me shoving oatmeal down his throat. Sounds abusive hor... I know. I felt so bad afterwards. This isn't the first time I get all worked up with the same problem. I said sorry much later, and within a minute, still with tears in his red eyes and and rosy cheeks, he was chatting and smiley again. KIDS, can't say for all, but mine is so forgiving. Love him to bits.

Us, with a few other mums, made wan-ton at Wei Jien's house and had that for lunch. Kicked myself for not bringing the camera again. Didn't come home till 3pm plus, after I got this ice-cream cake from Dairy Bell.

Managed to get Aidan to sleep for nearly an hour, checked a few emails, friend from Hong Kong, Pamela called, saying she's interested in spending some time in Malaysia with us. If she does make it, I may get an assistant child minder for the first week :P hehehehehhee

Barely logged on, Wilkin came home with Vince and later dad in law, Wilson and Bessie came by too, and we all headed off to Village Green for buffet dinner as in celebration for Aidan's birthday. Of course he had a great time again as there is a mini playland there.

As you can imagine, he was all excited with the cake. All swell now that everything settled down, I think I am heading for an early night.

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