Sunday, September 17, 2006

Family Day

I went to the new hairdresser today.

Very attentive, speaks my language, Malaysian lar. Will go back again, but noted not to use the same hair colour product. She used a herbal one on me, and I had this very tight feeling after that on my scalp. She said it's allergy, and now it feels tender and itchy.

That aside, she gives good advice and suggestions, and actually listens to what I have to say. Not like the other one, just kept talking and talking, and cutting my hair shorter and shorter.

Wilkin brought Aidan to the park and visited his grandfather/Aidan's great-grandfather. By the time I got home, Aidan was sweating and just in a T-shirt. He must have had a good time.

Come evening, we went for a drive, and ended up in a Thai restaurant. The papaya salad with salted crab was superlicious!! Ordered a sweet sour beef, tomyam soup, and a fried egg-noodle. They actually fry the egg noodles so it turned out crispy, and then dunk in a gravy, which made it all soft again, but tasted different.

A quiet Saturday night for us.

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