Sunday, September 10, 2006

Round and round, wow!

A little scared for me for letting him having a go at this ride. I know he can't keep still. And true enough, he was turning left and right, looking out and down at the sides. I nearly pengsan. Have to keep shouting to him to hang on to the bar and keep still.

Minyak angin please!


mika's mummy said...

yeah...we are so protective of them. Me do that too!! They are growing up soooo fast n it's kind of difficult for us to let go. They r not babies anymore. We r making it difficult for ourselves i guess...but only mothers can understand how we feel huh!

Today I let Mika stayed with his friend Aidan while we're out for dinner. must admit that i was soooo worried but tried not to show it out...I did it! Good start huh! I missed him sooo much even it was just for that 3hours!!

sweetpea said...

Easy to say, but do not let them know we feel the guilt for having fun ourselves (if you can call that fun :P). Otherwise they'll have us wrapped round their little pinkies.