Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cabena Term Four Week One

Term Four started yesterday and back to 'school' again.

Warooga centre has moved to a new area and looks much more posh, plus it's near another shopping centre, which will definitely be a new haunt for me. They have Aldi's, a german supermart with supercheap prices, something like our Macro.

Today at Cabena, Aidan is doing well, except that he has been throwing more tantrums lately. Lesley told me that when he rebels to story time, he'll run around the room and roll on the floor. She had to be stern with him and sit him on a chair. That's fine by me. I told her that he's been kicking whatever's near lately, e.g. the door or the wall, when I said no to him for something that he wants. Hopefully this is just a phase and will be better if his speech improves. He's either frustrated with not being able to tell us what he wants, or that's his behaviour. Let's just hope it's not the latter.

I took the time today to get my International Drivers license, and got a travel insurance. Got a cushion booster as well to bring back to Malaysia. Better be safe than sorry. Spent some serious money here.

It's been 12 days now and the balloons are still surviving. Really value for money.

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