Saturday, November 25, 2006

Last night at work was crazy. We never stopped serving after 9.00 and had a spooky drug addict who refused to leave at 11.55pm. I told him it was time for us to close the door and he sacarstically asked me if we close that early and not 12 midnight. Lucky for us there was this regular guy customer who came in to fill his script, and on seeing there were only us 3 gals, he waited with us till we closed the shop. Nice guy.

And there was this cute cute handsome young guy who came in and got a script for Viagra. Whooo! When he paid at the counter he told my colleague that he just got a 'lecture' from the pharmacist, our friend Maria, on using that pill. Well, obviously, as he is only young! And he replied he wasn't young anymore at 28. 28! We started telling him off jokingly that he made us sound so old. He looks a bit like Daniel Wu ala Mat Salleh.

Wilkin has decided to extend the lifespan of our dear old vacuum. He bought a spanking brand new socket head for it and fixed the wheel too.

Today he is in the mood of being a useful handyman at home and patched the hole on the door and tiny nail holes on the walls. And some gardening.

Okay, with the slides above, there was a free train ride today at The Glen. Needless to say, Aidan was very excited about it, and after the first round, he refused to get down. But being a free ride, there was a long queue, unless we line up again for his second round, I don't think the pretty driver would let Aidan on again. We had to drag him away.

There were lots of clowns, Mrs. Claus, Santarinas and other characters walking around. For slide No.4, these are three musicians playing the band and singing Christmas songs. I wanted to take a pic of them, but I think it would be rude without asking them, plus they were 'busy'. So I had to take their backs, hehe. Slide No.5, it's Aidan's first meeting with Noddy, and they gave each other a high five. It's just so festive here you can't not feel the christmas mood.

So there, happy day for him.

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