Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yet another hot day.

Aidan was playing rolling and turning in my bed when I was sitting at the edge, fixing my eyebrows. The next thing I knew, his head was heading south towards the floor. Being a mum, I guess nothing gets us quicker than in a nano second, to act super quick, only in saving our kids, that's it. Before I realize what I was doing, I had my hands around his legs. I guess I can never think it's safe for him to fall only 2 feet, since it was head down first. I don't want to think of what might happen if I never acted. Have been reading too many freak accidents which happened, baby falling off sarong crib and died, etc. *Shudder*
It's 35 degree today. 'Geng' hot. So after 7.30pm we went to the backyard and I decided to clean the car. Due to the water restriction, we cannot wash our cars, and haven't been doing so for many months. But what we can do is use grey water to recycle, e.g. water from laundry, shower. I had a bucketful from laundry, and where there is water, Aidan is happy. So much so he got himself all wet, he took off his pants and used it to help me clean the car.

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