Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Our Christmas presents from Hong Kong

Aidan's 'Kai Yeh' from Hong Kong gave us a surprise when we received a parcel yesterday.

The cloth at the background is obviously for me, or rather the living room.

And then we unwrapped the Thomas backpack. Aidan was excited when he was Thomas, but that wasn't the end of it. When we opened up the bag, look at all these goodies inside it!

We have a tea towel set, a pair of slippers, a set of nametags, food container, set of cutlery, plastic pinafore and sleeves for either painting or cooking I guess, set if self-inking stamps, a thermos flask and a cap.

Aidan went straight for the cap, and carried the backpack. I told Wilkin to hide the rest, not wanting him to be overwhelmed with the whole lot. We allowed him to play with the stamps though. Wow Max! Thanks for all the goodies. You are a true Santa Claus to Aidan. And you do know what I like. Thanks again.

Will take them out one by one eventually. Spoilt child!

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