Monday, January 29, 2007

Allergic to walnuts

It's not a good thing when Wilkin calls me at work. Good news (depends) can wait till I get home. Usually it's the not too good news or something he needs me to get from work, that he will call. Last night when I received his call, I wasn't too alarmed but I was thinking, it must be Aidan. True enough, he was asking me what to apply on Aidan's chin.

They were at my dad in law's, and Aidan had some peanuts. And in the same jar, there were walnuts. He has a history of being allergic to walnuts, with local rash breakouts. Maybe being the man that he is, Wilkin wasn't attentive enough or something, Aidan somehow managed to have some. Pic a bit blur, but you can see red patches around the chin. He was scratching non stop. I told Wilkin to apply a very thin layer of cortisone cream, and a dose of Clarityne syrup.

Poor bubba, he's ok now, only a little dried up scab patch where he scratched on last night.

*Update - Wilkin said peanuts and walnuts mixed in jar, and he was watching what Aidan ate, made sure he only picked the peanuts. But after a short while, Aidan started to get the rash and scratching his chin and neck, rubbing his eyes. Sorry orr hubby, simply kena blame :P Like that also can kena. Cheh, good things not so quick and effective hor?


janicepa said...

poor aidan, hope he is ok by now.. huh ? I was wondering how baby got allergy to nut ?? are u allergy to nuts too ??

sweetpea said...

me thick skin, allergic to nothing wor. funny though that he's only allergic to walnuts. with peanuts or cashews he's fine. funny hor?