Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blogged out but paying off

I have been blogged out lately with writing articles, or struggling to, here and there. For an amateur like me, it takes up quite some time to finish a decent one. Hope to get the hang of it soon in order to be able to write up a few more.

I have been posting to PayPerPost and Blogitive. Although the offers at PayPerPost outweighs the former, personally, I find that my articles get accepted much faster at Blogitive. Then again, I do realize that the traffic at PayPerPost is really heavy.

I am very excited to have gotten paid for the first time. To think if I write two articles a day for an average $5 post, I may get $300 a month as a supplement income. Not including other sites that I subscribe to. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Writing is, or rather, was, never my strong point and I never knew there is such a thing like getting paid for blogging. I am glad now that I created my blog a year ago, and thanks to my son, (he's the reason I started a blog) I found an unexpected goldpot. Well, not exactly that, but it does stretch the dollar further.



ladylike4 said...

I am using PayPerPost on my blog too. I limit it though to only 2 posts per month, so that people will still trust what I say.

It basically pays for my web hosting and the blog itself. I wish you luck with your mission though to profit largely.

sweetpea said...

Well, I hope to make as much as I can without losing my basic blog elements. You may have noticed I try to use more of a neutral tone to promote some sites instead of weaving it into an experience, which I am trying to avoid now.

But I guess we all have different goals and views.