Saturday, January 13, 2007

Check out my new evaporative cooler!

After 'testing out' Sharon's, I decided to get one for ourselves. It will be of real good use next week. Took Aidan to Harvey Norman yesterday evening and immediately settled for this one. Firstly, I know how it works, and the other reason is that the price range varies steeply, with the higher end costs $700 and more. This cost me $250. It's a Convair. Don't ask me if it's branded. I really don't know. As long as I've seen how it works and that's good enough for us, it's better to suffer in the sweltering heat.

Wilkin has yet to know about it. I told him I bought something when he called back last night, but he will have to wait till he comes back later tonight to see what it is. I think he may be thrilled to have a little extra comfort, but maybe not if I were to say that this is going to stay in Aidan's room on a hot hot night. Of course mar, right mums?? Children comes first, agree? We adults can sweat it out, take a midnight shower or something.

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