Friday, February 16, 2007

Aidan the Builder

My dear son, so bored. Makes a charming builder though :P

Swimming lessons this morning. I am now able to relax at the other end of the same pool with Joshua's mum instead of worrying about him running off. And after only 3 lessons, I noticed today he was more confident in jumping into the pool unaided. So proud of my boy lah!

But a couple of days back he copped it from me. He dipped his hands into his tub of yoghurt and smeared it all over his pants. I was already short fused, although I shouldn't use this as an excuse, I smack his hands. Kinda hard :( Everytime when I scold him, instead of turning away, he will stick himself to me. In this case, there's no exception. He stuck to me alright, with yoghurt on my blouse. Pushed him away because of the mess, he ended up stubbornly sitting on the floor, with hands on them! AAaaaarrrggghhhh..........!!! You say I explode or not?

Smack bottom lar, what else. For those who do not agree with corporal punishment, that's fine. We do not implement such actions in general, but there are times when he really needs to know we mean business. In this case again, of course, it's my bad. He was just up to his mischief, and I handled it wrongly.

I need to make some cordycep (is that pak chee chou?) and luo hon kuo concoction for the whole family soon!


janicepa said...

hm.. guess being a mom isnt an easy thing huh... i sudah mula takut lor....

IMMomsDaughter said...

Hey, don't be too hard on himlah.

Anyway, wishing you and your family Gong Xi Fatt Chai

mott said...

what? corporal punishment?

Why..everyday!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

All the 20fingers have a life of their own!!!!

Anyway, just wanna wish u and your family,

Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi

Drive safe and keep healthy!

sweetpea said...


janicepa - no not easy at all, but yet you won't want to trade it for anything.

immomsdaughter - not always one lar :P

mott - see situation lor. today orange juice, pulp and all, all over my sofa. dada nearly screamed. hehe, i selamba only coz at least he knows how i feel, but then this is accident, so i was ok.