Thursday, February 01, 2007

Aidan trashed my bathroom

Here I was earlier, sitting in front of the pc surfing, posting, clicking away while Aidan splashed away happily in his tub. Normal thing, you and I would have thought.

Twenty minutes later, I went in to check on him..... and he totally trashed the place! Shampoo bottle as a boat, amidst the elephant, dog, cat, giraffe and mini plastic golf stick, his Johnson's milk bath half emptied, the floor all wet. Remind me never to leave any shampoo, conditioner, shower gel or face wash around him the next time.

For those not too familiar with the Australian way of life, there are a couple of things which you may find peculiar or 'Huh? Why not?' Firstly, I can quite safely say in most standard bathrooms, there are not water outlets. Unless in the shower or tub, of course. So you can't wash your bathroom floor, you can only mop it. And so it happened MANY, MANY a times when a sponge or a small piece of clothing somehow found its way to my laundry sink, while I am doing the laundry. I had good times soaking up the water which also gracefully flowed its way to my floorboards. Lucky not carpet!

Second one, there are no locks on doors. Apart from the doors that leads to the outside, others all no locks. So whenever we have visitors over, and I had to shower to get ready for work, I had to vigilantly remind Wilkin to look out for Aidan trying to come in for a peekaboo session. Otherwise really peekaboo for all!

I miss trashing my own bathroom in Ipoh. With a connecting door to my room, it feels SO spacious, good ventilation and great music blaring from my pc. And when we go back for a holiday, Aidan can splash as much as he likes, without water restriction and save me from drying up the floor. Sigh.......


miche said...

hahaha...i learnt my leason 2 weeks ago! my girls pour out all the shampoo and shower gel in the water container and makes "ice-cream" from the bubbles they created. now all shampoo and shower gel I put, high high.

sweetpea said...

ya ya. funny how kids can be so imaginative sometimes. aidan used my listerine cup (small stainless steel to rinse mouth) as 'liu thoong' one time and pee-ed in it!!

mott said...

I threw out my the kids just get to play with water in their lil pails. MUA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Do they still hv water restrictions?

sweetpea said...

kids. as long as they have water, whether tub or lil pails, it still can be a disaster! had yes. stage 3 here, water garden only twice a week on certain times, and no washing car. stage 4 in geelong, meaning can only water garden using pail. it's really a worrying matter here.