Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bid4Prizes the unique way

You know how auction works.

Seller set a price, you bid your desired price, someone else bids higher, and so on and so forth, until the highest bidder wins the prize.

But at Bid4Prizes it's exactly the other way round! I know, you are now thinking, 'Hmm.. must be crappy prizes.' Wait. What if I say you get the chance to win a New 2007 Scion, Playstation 3, Plasma TVs, or perhaps the womenkind's beloved Tiffany? Awesome!

With nothing to pay to join, just complete the registration form and you can start bidding using your cell phone or bid online. You will get a reply from Bid4Prizes telling you if your bid is low, high, unique or if it's the same with another. Use the game's tips to get that lowest unique bid and you might just win! Simple as that! And if you do, there's nothing to pay, no catches, no loops, just the shipping costs and of course, any taxes that may be due to the IRS.

But don't despair for those who don't. Good news is yet to come. Some just don't have the luck, huh? Every bid that you made earns you points, from a duplicate bid for 1 point to a low Unizue bid for 20 points. And with unlimited and free bids, keep accumulating those points for great rewards at the Bid4Prizes Reward Store, such as a Rave keychain or a leather jacket or backpack.

Now who says nothing comes free?

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