Friday, March 09, 2007

Heart Attack at stroke of midnight

I nearly died-ed I tell you!!

Itchy backside wanna change template, coz I always admire those who have nice banner header post and I have no clue whatsoever how to do it.

Found one very nice but cannot use on new blogger, so I go change back to old blogger right? Then see see very marfan coz now I've got all those links and little ads, so change back to new one, after backing up the new template of course. But still hor... my preview looked like alien staring back at me!

*Fanning myself now*

Haiyoh lucky okay... if not I bang head on wall also no use. One year plus diary down the drain. Like this no more changing templates for me. But still very interested in adding a nice pretty banner header post leh... can anyone teach me?


Sasha said...

hahahah yeah using the classic template can really kill you man. but why not change the entire look , just copy and paste the entire html instead of changing the header?

try here

janicepa said...

check this out

sweetpea said...

thanks... went to that site, but i got the one i liked from another. maybe i should just stick to the new blogger ones...think i'll just stay put for a while *like little kid just been punished*

Jessie Woo said...

whoa .. u really scare me off with ur TITLE .. i tot wat happen tim !!

then read read oh ... is the template thing :P


sweetpea said...

hehe. but ya wat... 1 1/2 years blog if go down the drain, i think u also have cardiac arrest.

mott said...

heehhe..i am so into it now.

i'm currently customising header banners for my kids n sasha's kid.

if u me what u like..and i'll try n sort u out one... !!

and please.. no worries...i'm so into finding out tips n trix fm, practice makes perfect...

JUST..PLEASE...No more tags ah.. i need the time to do the headers...


sweetpea said...

i like i like.. i 'mm haak hee' but i have no idea wat i want leh. that's why i was searching around. maybe some of our nice pics?? hmm.. will email you. thanks for the offer!