Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How safe are your children?

On reading this article, a lot of things comes to my mind.

I have a very good friend here who has two lovely daughters and a son. They are all from Malaysia, except his youngest son who's born ABC. They were back in KL two years back for a long holiday, and were shopping at Mid Valley Mega Mall.

He noticed that wherever they go, there were two men following them, even in individual shops, on the pretext of window shopping. His two girls were just happily and ignorantly running around, just like any other kids would. He gave them the stare, to acknowledge them and to let them know that he knew they were noticed. My friend and his family eventually left, rather be safe than sorry.

Then again there is this incident where my sister's friends son went missing in a KL mall as well. This was many years ago. She told her daughter to stay put while she went looking for her son, only to find her daughter missing as well when she came back. Months later, their couple friends were on holiday in Thailand, and a small child called them 'Aunty' or 'Uncle', I can't remember. They looked, and saw this child without one arm, begging for money. And because the child was dirty, much later did they only realize this child was actually their friend's baby! Am not going into the full length of the story, but they were never found, as far as I know.

How about this? How senseless can this be?

How safe are our children? Girls are more prone, but boys are not spared either.

I am sorry if any of you find this post disturbing, but fact is, welcome to the real world. Life may be a bed of roses for us but there are others out there who have ideas for intentional harms.

We can only be as protective and try to be as safe as can be......


Mommy to Chumsy said...

This is terrible! Since becoming a mother, I always have this fear of losing Ashley. Wherever we go, I make sure either me or husband are holding her hand. I don't want to lose sight of her, even for 30 sec. Pity your sister's friend. I've read about stories like this but didn't know it happened to someone you know. So sad.

sweetpea said...

Isn't it? The world can be a horrible place, but that really depends on the people living in it. Mad as we can be with our kids at times, there's nothing more important than their wellbeing, except for that occasional High-5 mark on the bum :P