Thursday, March 08, 2007

Recall on B&L ReNu Solution

This is the 2nd time Bausch & Lomb is having a ReNu Contact Lens Solution Recall in two years. If you are a user and need more details on batch numbers and free replacements, check through the link. More than 1 million bottles of ReNu Multiplus solutions have been recalled on the 6th March, 2007.

Being a contact lens wearer for almost 20 years now, I am definitely concerned. I have never used any other solutions other than B&L. I have been considering laser eye surgery for some time but never really bothered to find out more. But now I think I should seriously look into having Lasik done. That will save me lots of trouble, not to mention time too, in wearing and cleaning them.

Talking about this, I'd better go check on the lot number now.

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