Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thank Gawd!

I thank God, my lucky stars, my rabbit's foot, my Wong Tai Sin talisman, my 'toong chin' coin, there was NO accident.

I just finished work. Went to my car and had to do a U-ey to the other side of the road. Looked at my side mirror, no car. Waited for the car in front coming from the other direction to pass and then I turned out. In that flick of second when I did it, a car from behind just passed me by. SHIT! I can feel the very slightest graze on my car's front right. I hope the other car didn't feel or notice anything.

My fault lar, didn't check my mirror again. The road is very long, so I thought no car 10 seconds ago means no car then. But tonight streets are a little busy. Why? Mundine and Solomon was on.
So anyway, I was only 1 millisecond away from an accident. And that car was kinda fast. Om mi ta bah... I should check the car when I reach home.

5 minutes later, I came straight into the house, forgot all about it leh. Until now. I feel bad lor. Shouldn't be taking my own life for granted. And every night that we and our loved ones are safe at home in bed, we should be thankful. Hubby may give me headache, son may give me high blood pressure, but they are right now in slumberland and that's where I want them to be. Safe and sound. And myself here, safe and sound too.... ppheewww....


aceone118 said...

Thank god you are save. Careful when you drive. Put on the HP handset, check your mirror and tyres and most importantly your brakes.

sweetpea said...

thanks. everything was fine. except i was dreaming i think. anyway i don't use handsfree... coz i don't use phone in the car! good eh??

IMMomsDaughter said...

That was close! Thank Goodness everything is fine. Take care & drive safely :)

mott said...


I got one of my worst accidents in Oz. Complacency is sadly very common there! (i'm talking abt myself ah!! HAHAAHAHAH)

sweetpea said...

IMMomsdaughter - ya, very close. really, half second later i would've been chatting with police or worse, i can't imagine.

mott - u only eh, i very alert one. *blink blink*