Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where is my personal courier gal?

When is she going to come back?

My colleague went back to KL and to HK with her partner and it's been nearly a month now. I tumpang her to buy me 2 bottles of Cellnique Pro Sebum Gel from Watson's. It's a blackhead and whitehead 'remover' and contains the natural eucalyptus and tea tree oil.

I bought a bottle when I was back last October. See, although at my age, (not gonna tell, but u may have guessed right) I still get the occasional pimples, and blackheads in the nose and chin area. For those who share my misery, do you have that sense of satisfaction when you try to squeeze them and out they ooze, or pop! That evil grain will leave a visible hole in your skin??

I didn't think much of it but I use Cellnique every morning before I apply my moisturizer. Said to use twice, but I kiamsiap as it's not sold here. Two months later I realized that I didn't do the squeeze routine as much, and my face was clearer. Could it be due to that, I don't know, but it certainly helped.

Finished it about 6 weeks ago and finds that my skin looks kinda dull. I want my colleague to come back quick lar!

If you are interested, it's also sold at Sasa, but I guess you know that already :) and priced around RM139 per bottle. Warning! I have read quite some dry skin side effects so don't try if you spot that type of skin. I am fine with it.


dorischua said...

Wanna try some home remedy for blackhead and whitehead while waiting for your Cellnique?
You are tagged, SP:

sweetpea said...

heh, am sure that will de-stress me. i really thought u had some real remedy for me when i only read the first line! cheeky u!

mott said...

yah ya...cellnique..I use that too!! but it's quite ex!! Plus, it's available in many pharmacies here already!

Jo said...

oh ! i use the sebum gel too ! its sooooooo good ! the first time i tried it, whoa ! my face so the very the chantek.. (now also very chantek).. but my face beh-kua without sebum gel :(

oh yah.. hi sweetpea :)
ME = Chumsy's yee yee :)

sweetpea said...

mott - ya i know. uppity market product kut, considering only eucalyptus and tea tree oil.

jo - hi, thanks for visiting. so not only me hooked on it :P

Jo said...

sweetpea : nay, dun worry, my other sister is hooked on it too

sweetpea said...

they think only teenagers use it thought. when i bought this last oct. they gave me a t-shirt free. more like fitting a 10 year old!!

Jo said...

free t-shirt ? ehh.. how come we didn't get any ? no free stuffs except get another product at a lower price (CNY promotion that is!) :)

sweetpea said...

that was in october wor..

Jo said...

yeah.. but still tak ada percuma tee shirt sampai sekarang *shrugs*