Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chocolate eating spree

Forget about gluten-free diet and what-nots.

I know I am not consistent here, but tis the season to be stuffing ourselves mad with chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! Easter is tomorrow and those colourful bunny and chicky and ducky wrappings are too good to resist.

Bought Aidan a box of 6 small bunny wabbit chocs, I had one, now all finished liao.

Also bought a single bed 100% wool quilt for him. Weather is turning colder, so he needs a warmer blanket. I am also thinking if I should get another 2 singles. Coz my lou-kong when he sleeps, he never sayang his wife one. Pull the queen size doona and wrap it around himself only, leaving my right side exposed to the cold air. And every time I have to yank it from him. Holland fan!

Hahaha, don't worry, you are reading the right blog. I don't swear out loud but I am expert on the inside leh... I remembered my first job. Everyone thought I shy shy type, then after getting to know me, waaahhh..... they thought I drink sea water one. *Wink*

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