Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free gift for the computer savvy, or even novice

Whether you are a computer whiz or a slo-mo like me, we all want things get done the quickest and easiest way. Time is money.

Magic Software is an eDeveloper Discovery edition of which everyone can download for free. That means you get a hassle free and code free software, no java, no .net, no asp or php, all for FREE!

eDeveloper is a well-known business applications creator and they are introducing this software for the novice developers and students, a great easy way for developing applications or even for personal use. Well, if unsure, everything is explained in their BLOG or go to their Yahoo discussion group.

Do get the free download now and build your application. The next good news is that when you enter their competition, you will get a chance to win a FREE iPOD. Now who's that again who says that there is no such thing as FREE?

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