Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free of Charge

I must be pretty pretty today :P

I sent my tyre to a tyre and auto workshop for 'mending' and was told to collect it in a couple of hour's time, and the price for repairing it was $20. Then I went for some grocery shopping and back home for a little vacuuming, after sending Aidan to Wayburne. First day of Term Two. He was very excited to be going to school again, happily said 'Bye' to me.

Two hours later I picked Aidan up, dropped some books back to the library, and went to collect the tyre. The guy said it was okay, he won't charge me for it. :: ))) Me pretty today?

I feel pretty, oh so pretty,
I feel pretty, so witty, and gay
And I pity

Any girl who isn't me today

Hehe.... naahh! The computer system was down, that's why..... Dang! I wish it was my reason. But I guess not lor.... Aidan was sitting in the car hungrily devouring his snack.

But it's good to feel pretty yeh??


Anonymous said...

when i read this post, it reminds me of this song :-

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days !
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days !
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days !
Saturday, What a day,
Groovin' all week with you

Sweetpea said...

hmm... u must have liked fonzie A LOT! :P

miche said...

u memang pretty lar...not on that day only :P

Sweetpea said...

heeheehee.... *shy only*... kekeke

mIcHe said...

I tagged you here:
Please leave a comment or trackback after you done it. I wanna read yours. :D