Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No Cabena for Aidan today


Coz we had an appointment with two specialists, remember?

Things were good. Well, at least they have been happy with the overall outcome. I have to go back for a couple of visits more before they can decide what to pan out for Aidan for the next 18 months or so before he starts prep.

We had lunch at a cafe next door, and I ordered Vegemite cheese toast for Aidan. Instead of the normal bread, it was toasted on focaccia. Looked great, tasted yummy. I myself had a veggie panina, with roasted veggies, spicy hommus and rockets. And we shared a mixture of fresh berries drink. Wow... healthy, huh?

Came home to the second part of cleaning up. Aidan spilled lots of unpopped popcorns underneath the couch and I didn't even notice it till just now.

I am SO going to get a new vacuum cleaner. I'm going to kill this back-from-the-dead vacuum once and for all, whether Wilkin likes it or not. It's taking up twice the time to clean especially the carpeted rooms. No freaking suction at all. Plus with me bending down twice the amount of time, not good for my back, and not good for the electricity bill, not that I pay for it anyway. Still.....

And so I didn't cook. I was hoping we could go to the new place near our house. He asked what Aidan was going to eat, and I said I didn't cook anything. Ten minutes later I asked him what does he want to get, as in giving the cue to go out, right? He said he'll just have some noodles.

KAYU or not?! Can't tell I don't feel like cooking ker? I said before I didn't even prepare anything for Aidan. Fan-blardy-tastic. So I whipped out the instant noodles and some fishballs and cabbage.

That's it or nothing lor... mm hai mmiiaahh!

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