Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pics from the long weekend

Here are some pics from the long weekend. Wilkin was grunting at me for taking pics at Ikea. Cannot meh? I am a blogger what.

Today I got a lot of things done. I bought plywood from Home Hardware for the bed. Am sure Wilkin will appreciate a firmer bed and better sleep tonight. Also packed yet another 2 boxes of Aidan's clothings to be sent to the basement. I give up asking Wilkin what he wants to do with them. Let him jam up the basement until he can jam no more, then he'll decide. Me no problemo one, I don't keep stuff at the basement so I no eye see.

Gave one person a Combantrin each, as I've changed all the bedsheets today. No, no one has the worms, just something I try to do half yearly. Aidan usually has the chocolate squares, but this time it's an orange flavoured tablet. He ate it at first, then he ptooi ptooi ptooi everything out, as it has got a little of the bitter aftertaste. Hehe. I had to crush another one into some fruit puree.

The difference with the chocolate squares and the orange tablets here is that the choc squares are names Combantrin-3, namely to kill three types of worms, .e.g roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm. Now roundworm and hookworm is rarely found in Australia, and anyone that hasn't travelled to any tropical countries, he shouldn't need to take this.

The orange tablets we took is called Combantrin-1, and it's just for the one type of worm, the common tapeworm.

Then I must be lou moong doong too. I heated up the char siew in the microwave and forgot all about it. That was why I wondered why Wilkin still looked hungry after finishing his dinner. We've got another dish of stir-fried veggie. Much later when I wanted more char siew I saw non left, and thought, hmph, he sapu everything without asking me if I wanted more :P and asked him if he finished it all. He looked at me and asked 'What char siew?'

No need to ask, it was all gone soon after.


janicepa said...

one happy family !!..

Sweetpea said...

u c me happy i c u happy lor...