Monday, April 30, 2007

Ready for arvo nap

It's 15 minutes to 11am now and during the school holidays this is about the time I just finished my breakfast and still hanging around the house in my PJ's, bleary-eyed and hair uncombed, still pretty zong-ed out not wanting to wake up.

Today, as of now, I've finished my first load of laundry, second load still spinning, soup for dinner already in the making, food preparation done, folded the clothes from previous washing and ready to pick Aidan up from school.

Wow! See how much I can accomplish if I just sleep early and wake up early?

I think I must start doing this more often. But I think somewhere in my past I must have been an owl, and brought forward some of the genes to this lifetime.

Fast forward to right now, we've had our lunch and Aidan and myself are ready for our arvo nap. *yyaawwnnn*

Cya in a couple of hours!

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