Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is Malaysia still the same? Or improving?

I was clicking through YouTube and I found this one particularly interesting, for the very reason I have been through it a few times when I was working in Ipoh.

Once in Ipoh Garden East where these cops like to lurk around the corner. I wasn't wearing my safety belt and I was only two minutes away from home. That cost me RM20.

Another time I was on the way to Lumut for work, and I overtook a car on a double line. Right after that turn the cops where just so happy to see a 'waterfish' for dinner. That was another RM50.

Along Tambun road, I was talking on my mobile. This time it was a traffic cop in white. I kept my mouth shut and let him saman me :P He was serious and didn't give any hints. And I knew the traffic cops at least meant business then.

Another time was, I was driving with two other friends in my car, one a dermatologist at Ipoh GH, travelling back from KL after attending my colleague's wedding dinner. A road block was set up just before the Ipoh toll, and I was stopped. This cop asked me if I knew I was 'speeding' as I was supposed to travel at a certain limit. I said no, I've travelled that road many times. He said there was a sign stating the speed limit and I said no, I never saw it. The thing is, he wasn't really trying to get my license or anything, but was trying to be chummy to us. He said I could be fined, and asked what I did for work. I said I was a medical rep, and he then said 'Wah! Then ada jual Viagra ke?' ('Wah, do you sell Viagra?') I was shocked, to say the least, but politely said no. He asked to inspect the boot, which was full of our overnight bags.

My dermatologist friend couldn't tolerate it any longer, and she said if he wanted to saman, go ahead, but do not play games, as we can get him reported. She told him she was a doctor and could report him to some authorities, and guess what he said? 'Betul ke? Tipu ler ni.' ('Really? I think you're bluffing.') Waah... the three of us kembang only, this game was getting interesting. She flashed him her doctor's ID and I guess he looked a little taken aback, and smartly ended the charade. In a business-like tone he asked me for my card, and told me not to speed and let us go.

Two days later.... he had the cheeks to call me! Asking what I am doing, and I said I was working. Without my friend around, even if that was only a call, I wasn't feeling as confident :P He then asked if I was driving while on the phone, of course I said no. Bodoh... I gave some excuses and hung up. He never bothered calling again. Lucky me.

Goes to show instead of protecting innocent people like us, we were their preys.

Anything to disagree with me?


AceOne118 said...

Improving? You must be kidding! The buaya cops open mouth big big waiting under the trees la.

janicepa said...

Improving ?? they sure do .. but in the wrong way !!:P

Sweetpea said...

haha... u kena manyak kali ke? kakakakaka!

mom2ashley said... the cheek to call you again? what kinda of cop is that?'s a kown fact in malaysia that the cops..are you know....'drinking too much coffee"

Sweetpea said...

i think so too. i didn't story this but there was a case (this i heard one lar) where this cop was greedy enough (i guess their pay wasn't that good) to take the money but kind enough to run across the highway and got some ice creams for the passengers!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

One word... HAMSAP (pervert)!!

Playing a full only...good thing u were with ur friend and not driving alone!

Sweetpea said...

yalor i know. but i won't be driving alone at night lor :P