Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dinner was ok, but I was still hungry!

Rememer the Gyudon I made? I had some leftover seaweeds, so I made soup out of it and added tofu and mushroom to it, and one beaten egg.


You'd think I may have overloaded the onions, but hubby is a great fan. This dish is kind of sweet and sour, main sauce is fish sauce and thai sweet chilli sauce. So yeah, dinner was this and the soup and the left over Gyudon.

Then hor, at 11pm, I had a rumbly tummy. And the COLD weather didn't help either. bbbrrrr....
Here's my indispensable wheatpack on my laps, which warmed me all over... siighhh.....

A cuppa coffee and shame on me, snacking on my son's biccies :P

Me no joke joke ok? It was really cold last night..... time for the last step for winter. Need to dig out the electric blanket tomorrow liao. And have to nag Wilkin to remove his boxes in front of the gas heater. The boxes look hideous in the living room anyway.


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hehe i know! Last night i felt it darn cold too! Had to turn my aricond temperature warmer! HEhehe!! Oh I found the guitar chord for Rainbow Connection! Hehehe!!

huisia said... yummy! I feel like very hungry now :)

AceOne118 said...

I'm not drooling this time bcoz I just had my dinner!! Hahahaha.

Back here freaking hot and humid ler! Underwear oso wet la!

+Ren said...

Wah... super bahagia :D

Sweetpea said...

nesh - aceone said very hot you said cold pulak. but i bet not as cold as in melb! good on u on the chord. now go make video and blog :)

huisia - paiseh only put ugly pic of dish out. but my blog hor? hehe

aceone - u tell me many times your undies wet liao... u go take bath lar! no aircond meh?

+ren - which one bahagia? the meal or the weather? u come back lar! :)

Michelle said...

Tiny Teddies on Safari - that is too funny!! :-)

Sweetpea said...

why funny? i only ate the lion and the bear :P