Monday, May 14, 2007

Hotels for comfort

Hey all. It is that time of the year again. I'll be back to Malaysia in November!

My DIL and Wilkin's good friend from Hong Kong will be with us this time so instead of cramping up at my sister's place, I'll make them sleep in a hotel. Easier for me and comfort for everyone, especially for them. provides comprehensive search for accomodation, flights, car rentals and even vacation packages. With their guaranteed lowest rates, we are likely to save up to 70% comapared to the normal rack rates.

Hubby and DIL will be going back to Hong Kong and then Kuala Lumpur, so I will need to look up some great hotel rates at this site, and have actually checked out a couple of affordable ones and great location in the middle of Kowloon. And in Kuala Lumpur, they offer the cheapest rate at Swiss Inn at only $36.00 for twin sharing. What a price! Without even looking much at the others yet, am sure they will love this place as it's in Chinatown. Lots of things to see and eat!

Hotel discounts are important to us as it helps us save a lot so we can indulge in more things.'s rate is so competitive with other sites, but by far the most attractive rates to me. And when I do plan to travel to a new place, I am planning on a resort holiday, perhaps Gold Coast, they even offer vacation packages so I won't have to wreck my brain on what to plan and where to go. Everything from our flight to our destination, accomodation, meals will be taken care of, tailored to our needs. All I have to do is pack, and then enjoy.

Leave it to the experts. Am sure they know better.

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