Monday, May 14, 2007

Of bulu kening and bulu ketiak

I haven't been taking my arvo naps now that Aidan seldom take his.

Hence some days, I do get pretty tired, especially when I do feel it and give the extra yawns. And funny how on these days, when I washed my face at night, I see the stray bulu kening sprouted like weeds. Wouldn't it be great if these hair sprouted on my head instead. I remembered just plucking them a few days ago.

Nevermind the bulu ketiak, never get much of them anyway :P In fact, can count. Muuahahaaahaha!! In this case, I have one less problem than you women do :) Come winter I don't even have to bother looking at my armpits for two whole months.

Or is it perhaps the weather is getting colder? Sigh.... never liked the winter much, but never liked the summer too. Also don't like the weather in Malaysia now that I stayed here. Why? Because Malaysia is humid. I sweat and my intimates get stuck to my body, I bloat and can't wear my rings, then I bloat some more from the non-stop eating and can't wear my fitting pants. Before I finish my breakfast, Mum will be asking what's for lunch. Go on diet here for 11 months only to go back there and gain it all back in a month.

So yeah, back to winter. Next on my list for winter shopping.........

MINE - I get up early in the morning to send Aidan to school

AIDAN'S - a little farmboy boots :)


HAHAHAHA! I am not 'haak saam' ler.... it's because Wilkin doesn't like them lar. Also his Catepillar darn heavy and thick, he doesn't need any other shoes liao.


khai khee said...

it's really hot nowadays in malaysia. really cant stand it. not a single drop of rain these few weeks. luckily, there is something called air-cond... :D

Sweetpea said...

hehe. good luck with your electricity bill!

Sasha said...

hey i dun have bulu ketiak also. hehehe sama geng!

AceOne118 said...

Aiyo! back home humid like hell! and not oni my bulu ketiak wet-wet other bulu (s) oso basah lah! Muahahahaha!!!

LiL'deviL said...

Haha, this is funny. I pluck my eyebrow every week because others can see mar. But since it's getting colder now I can leave my armpit alone...kekeke...Only my husband can see and he doesn't seem to mind...hahah...

babyfiona said...

yer..u so wat tat! bulu ketiak..

Sweetpea said...

sasha - not nice peepel see hor?

aceone - eh, got hairy chest or not? :P how many 'teekuu' u change a day lar? kakakakkkaaaa!

lil'devil - PRECISELY!

babyfiona - all aceone's fault leh, read too much of his hamsap stories, now i also get down and dirty :P